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Still opportunities in difficult market conditions

Mixed economic messages are causing confusion for investors but some of the risks for the year ahead have been overstated, according to Australian Unity Investments’ joint venture asset managers.  Read More

Searching for choice and flexibility in education savings

Parents want choice, flexibility, and an assurance they won’t be locked into a pre-determined future when looking at options for saving for their children’s education, but not all options offer these benefits, says Greg Bird, national business development manager at Lifeplan Funds Management.  Read More

Wingate Global Equity Funds upgraded to ‘Recommended’ as manager boosts research capacity

Research house Zenith has upgraded the Wingate Global Equity Funds—Wholesale Units and Hedged—to a ‘Recommended’ rating at its most recent review.  Read More

The search for yield to continue in 2016

With the Australian equity market expected to remain lacklustre in 2016, investors may need to look off-market to generate sufficient returns, said David Bryant CEO of Australian Unity Investments..  Read More


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