Lifeplan Education Investment Fund



The Lifeplan Education Investment Fund is a specially designed savings and investment product to assist investors fund the education expenses of their children or grandchildren. The Fund can be used for a lifetime of education - primary (including pre-school), secondary and a wide range of tertiary (including TAFE) and special needs education.

The Fund is simple to use, is flexible, has tax advantages to help investors meet the financial challenges of quality education and has a unique design that sets it apart from other savings and investment products.


Key Features of the Lifeplan Education Investment Fund

  • A tax effective way to invest for education expenses
  • Access to 16 investment options
  • Across 6 Australian and international investment managers
  • No age restrictions on student beneficiary
  • Ready access to funds, including tax-free access to contributions
  • Start with as little as $1,000

The Lifeplan Education Investment Fund investment options are:

1. AMP Capital Balanced Growth
2. AMP Capital Conservative
3. AMP Capital Sustainable Share
4. BT Active Balanced
5. BT Conservative Outlook
6. BT Future Goals
7. FirstChoice Conservative
8. FirstChoice Growth
9. FirstChoice Moderate
10. MLC Horizon 2 - Income Portfolio
11. MLC Horizon 4 - Balanced
12. MLC Horizon 6 - Share
13. Perpetual Balanced Growth
14. Perpetual Conservative
15. Perpetual Industrial Share
16. UBS Cash


Lifeplan accepts faxed/scanned applications (Adviser Use Only)

Lifeplan accepts faxed and scanned documents (this includes applications, claims etc). Scanned documents can be emailed to or fax your document to 1800 804 890.

If you have any additional enquiries, please contact our Adviser Services team on 1300 133 285.


This product is issued by Lifeplan Australia Friendly Society Limited ABN 78 087 649 492, AFS Licence No 237989. Information provided here is indicative only. In any decision, you should only rely upon the content found in the disclosure document, which you must read, since an investment can only be processed from an application form attached to it. Any decisions relating to a financial investment should only be based upon a consideration of your overall objectives, current and anticipated situation or needs, and should not be influenced by historical data such as past performance.